What is SeaMammal?

SeaMammal.net was grown out of our desire to share our passion for adventure, our passion for the ocean, our passion for that source of life. Through this website, we hope to share our love, share our tools to explore that interface between land, ocean, and air in a manner as safely as possible. We hope that you too will find the joy that the ocean gives us.

The idea behind this website is simple: Provide convienient access to the data you need when planning a trip and help build local communities to share our passion. This is a work in process, I still have many ideas for future functionality but decided that it was currently usefull enough to make it available to the public. If you would like to stay informed of future developments please sign up here:

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Why SeaMammal?

One of our tools of choice for exploring the coasts is the sea kayak. While technically a boat, with a bit of experience, a kayak really becomes an extension of your body. Kayakers often jokingly refer to their kayaks as their “water pants”, or their “mermaid tails”, I often liken my kayak to a prosthetic that turns me into the sea-mammal I was really meant to be.